Thursday, December 30, 2010

Plein Air Painting with No Rules -- A Group Exhibition

Opening Reception:  January 15 from

This exhibition features a group of artists who have been painting together for many years.  Although they have a variety of different art backgrounds and life experiences, they all share a love for the beautiful landscapes of Northern New Mexico.  

Each week, the group chooses a different site to paint.  Destinations include arroyos, mountain sides, rivers, and small villages throughout Northern New Mexico.  Some members of our group also look to the skies and paint the vistas that seem to recede into the horizon with no sign of interruption from man-made structures. Because each artist brings their own sense of color and design to each site, the show offers multiple perspectives on the same subjects.  "Wildness" (John Muir's word) in New Mexico is everywhere, along roadsides, in fields, and between houses.  We hope to preserve that wildness and the state’s unique beauty through our art.

Gallery Hours:  Wednesday thru Saturday from 10 am to

"Stillness Speaks" -- Judi Ewert
"Bosque Grasses"  -- Jane Chandler

Friday, November 12, 2010


QUARTET: Four artists playing together to create a show. NOVEMBER 20 opening through December 17th in the EXHIBITION SPACE at LA TIENDA in Eldorado.


CHARLOTTE SCOT, born in NYC, arrived in the art world by a perplexing route. After exhibiting her acrylics successfully in California in the 70’s she stopped painting. For the next 20 years she: wrote music for Capitol/Beechwood; was a disc jockey in Los Angeles; (ignoring the fact her cousin was Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger) worked on Jimmy Carter ‘s National Staff as a Press Secretary; became Director of Communications for the DNC in Washington, was a consultant to the White House for Press/Media advance; worked in local television as a reporter and anchor before joining ABC news and being syndicated on its Owned and Operated stations, co-anchored a series focussing on adult literacy, Learn to Read;   In the 80’s, she returned to art, moving to Canada (to avoid George Bush), she graduated from University Canada West’s Victoria College of Art,  She now paints in oil (no subject off limits) and has been in shows and galleries in both the US and Canada. In 2008 she moved to Santa Fe.


REBECCA FARR was raised in Connecticut.  She moved to Santa Fe in 1992.  Through the years, she has found success with her commissioned pastel horse portraits. She works from her own photographs, searching out early morning and late afternoon light Rebecca captures horses at their natural best - unaware of the human staring at them with a camera. She calls her style "slightly undone" as she believes the horse to be...never quite finished. In her most recent work she strays a bit from portraiture and incorporates different mediums and new ways to integrate equines into a more conceptual approach from birth to bones.

DARCY GRAY came to Santa Fe after years of success as an artist in the Bay Area.  Her works are totally stunning.  They come to life with graphite markings layered with muted colours. Each mark seems to have it's own history. It's own vitality. She pushes and pulls images from smudged lines to the forefront and into the background. There is a dreamlike quality to her work;  a lingering unfulfilled chimera of the world and life itself.  There is also however a familiarity ; a sense of place and feelings. Perhaps even a premonition of the future? Darcy works in collage, oil and encaustics. 

JANE OTTEN           

When JANE OTTEN sits before a canvas images of humanity just seem to appear. Iconic or even comical figures; organic shapes resembling geographical formations or patterns which echo designs assembled by our indigenous ancestors. She has travelled a long way from her native Georgia.  Coming to painting from a life embedded in music, Jane's transformation seemed natural. You will find themes of all world creation in her works. She is drawn to the deep past and the excavation of markers which connect all life. 

The artists invite you to their opening night on November 20th between 5-8. Refreshments will be served.  You may also visit the exhibit W-F 11-2 and 4-7 or anytime Saturday between 11-7. 

If you have any questions or need additional information, contact Charlotte Scot:

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A great opening reception and a new feature on our website!

(Photo credit: Sofia Kanavle)

The opening:
Artists Lindsay Ahl, Katey Cooper, Harry Pollitt and Paul Chandler opened their exhibit, "Views of the Sacred" last night. The opening was attended by more than 150 people. While we didn't see anyone physically dancing, we did see people entranced, lost in thought, animated and gesturing, and having a great time. This show, while varied in both style and media, has an intimate feel. The art works invite the viewer to engage and to contemplate.

Congratulations to Katey Cooper who had the first sale of the show.

Views of the Sacred will run through November 13. Gallery hours are Fridays and Saturdays from 12 pm to 6 pm.

The new feature on our website:

In an effort to more fully engage both artists and the community at large in the art on display at the La Tienda Exhibit Space, we are starting a new page on our site for public reviews. Be the first person to review this show and help us create a forum for an honest discussion of art.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Views of the Sacred

The La Tienda Exhibit space is pleased to present


Opening Reception: Saturday, October 16, 2010 5:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Exhibition: October 16, 2010 - November 13, 2010
Exhibition Hours: Friday and Saturdays from 12 - 6 pm

You want the real thing? Views of the Sacred is a show that asks you to penetrate the superficial and experience the profound. Harry Pollitt’s work provides the g-force, Katey Cooper’s vision expands from the minutest cell to the cosmos, Paul Chandler’s landscapes speak to the untamable within us all, and Lindsay Ahl’s philosophy and elephants offer a way into the mystic. Views of the Sacred is a show that explores ancient patterns, places and icons, and demonstrates that the more we understand, the deeper the mystery reverberates.

Asking fundamental questions without glitter, these artists share an appreciation of majesty. From the expansiveness of a landscape to the minuteness of an individual cell, from the sinuous curves of wood carved and polished to the rough hewn elephant in a world evoked through iconography and imagination, this show is derived from the natural world and provides viewers the opportunity to meditate on their lives with fresh vision and a new lens. These works are, in many ways, about our experience through space and the passage of time. Every moment opens onto the timeless. These works invite the viewer to slip through.

Ahl, Chandler, Cooper and Pollitt offer a view of the sacred: the worlds of worlds inside each cell; the way the time is always now. Hors d’oeuvre’s will be served, naturally. Dancing and intelligent conversation will be expected.

LINDSAY AHL spent some time in Africa as a child, and her experiences there inspired a body of work that explores the icon of the elephant. Elephants are known for their long-term memory and their ability to communicate with each other from 50 miles away using low sound waves. Like all of nature that once seemed indomitable, the elephant is currently threatened. This work celebrates that which appears solid but becomes the ephemeris; like the present moment, knowing it is unique, and soon gone.

While hiking (or skiing) extensively around the southwest, PAUL CHANDLER creates plein air pastel drawings that he then uses to create oil paintings. Paul began his career as a sculptor, in both ceramic and metal -- and with his oil paintings he focuses on implied volumes and spatial dynamics in his landscapes. His work explores the ancient and sacred nature of wilderness and illuminates its beauty. Both his pastel studies and oil paintings will be featured at the show.

KATEY COOPER’S work in gold leaf points both towards the microscopic and the astronomic, the dual viewpoint of the lens of a microscope, or the eyes of one gazing at a night sky. Her work explores the fundamental link between the microcosm and the macrocosm, that is “what is contained in all life (cells) and that which contains all life (the universe).” She uses gold leaf, with its inherent luminosity and reflectivity, as a metaphor for soul and thought.

In creating his sinuous, free form wood sculptures, HARRY POLLITT is always in search of the “perfect set of interconnected curved lines and planes,” rekindling his experiences of tracing the whirling grain patterns of his schoolboy desk or of the exhilaration triggered by tight-turn g-forces while hitching a ride in a military fighter. Pollitt seeks rhythm yet unpredictability, juxtaposing forces of positive and negative space that draws the viewer round and into the forms.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Call to Artists

ART WALK CALL: La Tienda is looking for Mixed Media Artists for the next Art Walk. The Art Walk will open on December 7 and coincide with the La Tienda anniversary party. This is a great opportunity to display your work in front of a very large crowd.

La Tienda has purchased and is in the process of installing appropriate lighting in the hallways so the art work is properly lit.

Please send up to 4 jpeg images to
Title the images with your firt initial and last name and the title of the work. Example: DAllison-mesmerized.jpeg

The Exhibit Space has an opening for a show from February 19 to March 19, 2011. If you have a group of friends you would like to show with during this time period, please email

Call to Writers:
Beyond Borders Books would like to invite writers to participate in a reading and discussion series. Please contact if you would like to be a part of this series.

Friday, September 17, 2010

4 Directions

The La Tienda Exhibit Space is pleased to feature a group exhibition entitled
“Four Directions” by Sande Anderson, Maureen Howles, Mary Ann Jackson,
and Kathamann. Abstract paintings, monotypes, mixed media and sculpture are on display through October 12, 2010.

Sande Anderson explores the emotional side of abstraction and historical shapes
in mixed media, scrolls, and works on paper and silk. Mary Ann Jackson’s bold mixed media abstractions deal with the spirituality of the plastic realm. Maureen Howles’ semi-abstract oil paintings of a subdued palette provides concentrated natural coloration to landscapes. Kathamann’s high color abstractions obliterates the traditional plane and horizon of landscape paintings. Sculptures include metal, natural material and Styrofoam.

Hours: Fridays, 2 to 7
Saturdays, 12 - 5
By appointment: 988-1655