Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Over El Dorado

The La Tienda Exhibit Space is pleased to present "Over El Dorado," a group exhibition featuring the works of Annie Horkan, Christopher Kent and Thom Ross.

"White Sands" -- Christopher Kent

Thom Ross Art

"She Sings to the Coyote" -- Annie Horkan

May 14 through June 11
Opening Reception:  May 14 from 4 to 7 pm

Thom Ross has had a life long interest in American History and the "folk hero" who is a product of that history.  These have long been the motivating forces behind his work. His emphasis however is focused on the historical "folk hero" as compared to the mythical "folk hero". (An example of the historical folk hero would be Jesse James, a mythical folk hero would be Paul Bunyan; one actually existed while the other is a product of tall tails.)

His desire is to produce works of art that require the viewer to re-examine either what he knows about history, or what he thinks he knows about history.

His other objective in re-working so much of our past history into his work is his deep desire to "update" with bright colors, abstract forms and a contemporary style of painting the figures and events from a dim and often misunderstood past.  Ross believes that as we re-examine and often question the historical forces which shaped the lives of the subjects he paints, their "meaning" can fluctuate, and that the subjects of his works can be brought into a contemporary setting with a vibrancy and excitement that is seldom, if ever, found in the more standard traditional style of art work that has so often been used to represent "historical" figures and events.

With his love of history comes an enjoyment in story telling and he can easily capture and audiences attention with his passion and unique perspective.

Thom Ross shows in numerous galleries throughout the
and now lectures at colleges on the Wild West where he combines a unique and passionate presentation of art and history.

Annie Horkan finds a deep well of inspiration in the beauty of both the inner and outer worlds. Some of her latest works combine these two worlds into poetic visions that invite the viewer to journey more deeply into the realm of the known and beyond, while captured by the beauty of color. Annie relocated to the land of enchantment in 1996 where she continues to paint her passion for the land and Nature, infusing it at times with her more personal, mystical visions in support of the Sacred Feminine. She believes Nature holds the key for humanity. Our future depends on our ability to pass through the coming portal of change with respect, understanding and humility.

“My love for color is an obsession. It's what gets me out of bed in the morning. Sometimes I dream about color combinations, and I can't wait to get my brush in hand. Painting is a journey, and the creative process keeps me mindful and connected to the unseen force within all the beauty that surrounds us."

Annie has been painting for thirty-four years, and has completed over six hundred paintings in that time. She has had many one woman and group shows over the years, and has been represented by prominent galleries in New York and Washington, DC. Currently, she is painting her passion for wild horses in an effort to raise people's awareness about the imminent disappearance of these beautiful creatures.

Christopher Kent first “discovered” the West on a cross country road trip with two buddies when he was 16. They pounded on the roof of the car to “Hot Town, Summer In The City” all the way to San Francisco. Soon after, He went to High School in Sheridan, Wyo., then to college in Boulder, Co. When he moved to Santa Fe in 2004, it seemed like a home coming and a launch pad from which to take road trips into so many incredible landscapes, far and wide.

He first took up photography as a way of seeing in the late 1960’s. Mostly he worked in B&W with 35mm and a large format view camera. In 1972 he attended an inspiring and intensive 3 month workshop at Apeiron in Millerton, NY.. In 1982, he packed up his New York darkroom to move to Atlanta and it hasn’t reassembled itself since then.

Photography focused on the family albums until the new age of digital imaging and archival giclees got him refocused on our incredible West. He has been slowly building up his new portfolio over the last few years. He is forever itching to hit the roads and trails with his camera as his guide dog. “Being there”, wherever, at the right time is his inspiration. As his youngest boy sets out for college next fall, he is looking forward to “being there” as much as possible.