Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Transfer of Innocence

"Before I Fade Away" Mixed Media
The La Tienda Exhibit Space is pleased to present Donald Rubinstein's one-man-show, "Transfer of Innocence."

July 23 - August 20.  Opening reception Saturday, July 23 from 5 - 8 pm.

Donald Rubinstein is not who you think he is.  He’s not even always who he thinks he is.  While many monikers may fit for awhile, none of them do justice to the entirety of the man.  Simply put, Rubinstein is an anomaly who’s musical and artistic attributes are an amalgam of poetry, rhythm and line both on and off stage. 

His works (both musical and visual) highlight the silent places between thought and emotion, control and abandon, idea and intuition.  In these negative spaces, he creates constructs that continuously inform and surprisingly connect without any pretension toward resolution. 

Rubinstein has been engaged as an artist for over forty years.  Rooted in both visual and musical disciplines, his visual art sometimes includes examples from his musical scores and combines them as elements.  Employing multiple approaches he also engages character drawings that explore personal and cultural foibles with a comedic bent.  The conceptual can be a part of either oeuvre.  It is a confluence of form and approach, as well as the exploration of a visual aesthetic.  

His techniques are varied. They start with a drawing, or series of drawings, sometimes including hand written excerpts from musical scores and computer drawn images.   He combines these, scans the results, and prints often living with the work for months and even years while adding material to bring idea and form to completion. Working freely with paint, pastels, crayon and collage during this phase, he sometimes see new ideas beyond the original and uses this time to incorporate them.
Rubinstein’s cause is one of discovery.  It exists along a continuum in which he sees anew while he strives for completion. “I build upon what I know and develop departures,” he says, juxtaposing both the spiritual and the worldly in his myriad explorations. 

In addition to his numerous musical accomplishments Rubinstein’s multimedia and visual works have been exhibited in multiple one-person shows, as well as at The Museum of Modern Art and The Whitney Museum of American Art in collaboration with Kiki Smith. Some of these collaborative works will be included in his one-man show, “Transfer of Innocence.”  A film entitled “Pilgrim “by Emmy Award-winning director Miguel Grunstein, based on Donald’s work and life, is currently shooting and slated for completion in 2012.

For additional information please visit www.donaldrubinstein.com

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