Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The La tienda Exhibit Space is pleased to present Anna Keller, Jane Otten and Charlotte Scot in an exhibtion of the fine art of painting. 

Opening Reception, Saturday, November 5 from 5 - 7 pm
Show runs through December 3.

From bold abstraction to excavations of past lives to glimpses of time, atmospheric3 displays the distinctive moods and talents of three Eldorado artists: Anna Keller, Jane Otten and Charlotte Scot. Opening is November 5th in the Exhibit Space in La Tienda at Eldorado.

Anna Keller says when she paints, a story begins to emerge. She then incorporates her visual world with her inner life. Layers of oil paint, wax medium, collage and natural materials result in stunning abstracts. The vibrant colors veil the figurative secrets trying their best to break through to the surface. Poetry may present or a snippet of graffiti, a scribbled note or a piece of a conversation, or the secret may remain hidden somewhere in the layers of oil paint.

Jane Otten’s abstracts are like magnets. They lure viewers in with their earthy tones and mysterious shapes. Like an archeologist, Jane excavates figures from another time ... another world. They appear from a place where we feel we may have walked but when the light shifts we are unsure of what we saw. Mystery ... mirage ... magic.

Charlotte Scot’s work focusses on selected moments of time depicted by landscapes, faces, places, abstracts and items of interest. Her scenes evoke memories : the agave we stared at in wonderment; a man we saw reading a menu in the restaurant window, a downtown street still wet from rain. Her hope is, if we stare at one of her paintings we will be transported to that time and place and, become a part of it.