Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Light, Wood, Wax, Fire

Light, Wood, Wax, Fire
Nine Santa Fe artists use elemental materials and methods to create with light, wood, wax, and fire. This exhibition is an elegy to the organic. Life sways inside every piece:
a dramatic cloud formation pinned against the sky; a flower portrait at once sculptural and ethereal; a table that evokes the spirit of the wood from which it emerged; the shimmering functionality of a micaceous clay pot; the luster and patina in the marriage of wax and rust; the lush geometry of light portrayed in a shower of sunlight; the wild stillness of birds on a branch; the contained fire radiating from a ceramic sculpture; the watchfulness embedded in a closely observed landscape.
These artists understand what it means to be of this world, to be comfortable with the materials and methods they have chosen, and to be greedy for their own moments of alchemy. Each in their own different ways, these artists live inside light, wood, wax, and fire.
The exhibition runs from November 10 through December 8, 2012 in The La Tienda Exhibit Space at Eldorado, Santa Fe.  Gallery hours: 11 am to 5 pm, Wednesday through Saturday. 

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