We didn't do this on purpose. The space was originally created by artist Dean Howell who asked to use a vacant space in the center for his annual XX show. We thought it was a great idea and donated the materials for him to build an exhibit space. The XX show is by artists and for artists and has been a popular event for the last five years because it is one of the few shows which encourages creative passion instead of financial renumeration.

The show opened December 12, 2009 and was a huge success. After the show came down, we had this beautiful space and decided not to let it go to waste. We invited other artists to use it. Now, La Tienda at Eldorado is just about full and the Exhibit Space has become an important and intrinsic part of the community.

It has stayed true to Dean's original vision and artists are free to be creative, original, and passionate about the work they display.